Playtech Launches Live Casino Gameshow Adventures

Playtech have released their new live casino gameshow Adventures in the US. This exciting, wheel-based speciality live game gives players an opportunity to win prizes up to 5000x their bet!

It’s an exciting game based on the TV show The Price Is Right with side bets and multiplier segments to provide hours of fun entertainment! Don’t miss it – get involved today!

Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is a live casino wheel-based speciality game available exclusively at Playtech-licensed online casinos and features characters from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland stories. As one of the newest additions to the market, this gameshow offers players a chance to win big payouts through multiple bonus rounds on its 54 segment wheel containing numbers and bonuses – similar to Crazy Time or Sweet Bonanza CandyLand gameshows.

This game features a live dealer dressed as one of the story characters such as the Mad Hatter, White Rabbit or Blue Caterpillar. There are also two Mystery Segments which cannot be bet upon but when activated will provide either an increased multiplier for all numbers on that wheel segment or activate an extra bonus round such as March of Card Soldiers minigame or Magic Dice playback or Caterpillar Mystery Bubble playback!

Once the betting window closes, a live host will spin the wheel to begin the game. If it lands on any number, play will come to an end; otherwise it could land on one of five Bonus segments which activate one of five structured bonus rounds; each offering different payouts and multipliers.

If the wheel stops in a Wonderspins segment, you will receive free spins that could yield multiple bonuses – up to and including a maximum payout of 1,000x your initial stake! There are various versions of this bonus round; two spins version offers maximum 30x bet payout while five spins bonus has higher multipliers but fewer spins available for play.

When playing Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live Casino game, to maximize your wins is by selecting high-paying segments and keeping an eye out for bonus rounds that offer increased winning potential and bankroll boosting potential. Furthermore, it is crucial to set a budget prior to starting to gamble to avoid unexpected expenses while maintaining responsible gambling practices.

Crazy Time

Crazy Time is an interactive casino gameshow that provides players with the chance to win big by spinning a virtual money wheel and participating in four bonus games. Additionally, players can use Top Slot to multiply payouts using RNG gameplay – this unique game combines interactive fun and advanced RNG gaming for an unforgettable experience!

Players can join not only the main game but also two bonus games that offer extra excitement: Top Slot Re-spin and Entering an Incremental Multiplier Round Bonus Rounds are two examples. Both these extra games feature live presenters to keep players’ energy up while adding an extra layer of enjoyment and engagement in playing them.

Players have the freedom to determine how much they want to wager in the main game, but must keep in mind that not every bet will be successful. Each segment on the wheel’s probability of hitting is determined by a random number generator and does not take previous outcomes or spins into consideration; hit frequency is displayed as a percentage on-screen.

Play the game from desktop computers as well as mobile devices! All games are streamed live with high definition filming and operated by professional dealers with presenters who keep players entertained while keeping the game moving smoothly.

Game shows are an entertaining form of live casino gambling that combine traditional money wheel games with board and TV show formats for an enjoyable casino experience. They give players multiple chances to win and are an effective way to bring in new customers; there are different kinds of live game show games each with its own set of rules and strategies that ensure maximum fun and profit!

Since Dream Catcher launched in 2017, a new subgenre of live casino gaming known as game shows has taken hold, drawing heavily from television show traditions while encouraging audience participation. A number of providers have already introduced titles with this style such as Evolution Gaming with Deal or No Deal First Person and Monopoly Big Baller; Pragmatic Play with Cash or Crash being among them.

Deal or No Deal

Playtech’s iGaming division has had a busy month and is expanding further into the US market with a live casino gameshow format similar to popular TV show Deal or No Deal. Each player selects their case which can hold anywhere between EUR1/C/EUR1 to a million Euro before beginning to view what’s inside other cases until a man known as “The Banker” offers them a deal and allows them to either accept it or reject it – with either option leaving them with what was initially in their original case!

Live Casino gameshows offer a fun and exciting way to experience all the thrills and excitement of a game show without leaving home. Players can select from various games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and dragon tiger; all can be enjoyed by one or multiple people at the same time and many languages are supported, which is a great news for all fans of

Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, a new game show draws its inspiration from Alice’s adventures and features live dealers interacting with augmented reality versions of Alice’s characters from the book. Furthermore, players can take advantage of a Magic Dice bonus feature to win extra rewards.

Just recently, NBC unveiled an updated version of their popular game show Deal or No Deal hosted by Howie Mandel. The show now offers 26 sealed briefcases valued from one dollar up to a million dollars; contestants must decide whether or not to accept offers made by “Banker”, accepting his offers or keeping their case.

At the start of each round, each player selects and opens one briefcase before revealing what lies within. They may then decide to keep or exchange it for one of the other 21 cases until reaching their banker’s final offer.

Deal or No Deal is an engaging game that tests one’s mental capabilities. Playing the game helps exercise your brain while resisting greed and can teach kids about the value of money – it helps your children understand where their resources can take them in terms of spending it wisely.

Joker’s Wheel

Playtech recently unveiled one of its popular game shows in New Jersey – Joker’s Wheel gameshow features a money wheel with four bonus games – making it an exciting, fast-paced experience that requires full player attention. It boasts bright and colorful graphics against a dark purple background with different shaped symbols floating about; and features such as its four tier multiplier wheel that pays out up to 1000x your bet! Additionally, special respins during non-winning spins add additional prizes that could increase winnings exponentially!

Betfair Live Casino in New Jersey features the innovative spin on traditional money wheel gameshow formats known as Betfair Roulette: players place bets on different segments of its titular wheel that contain 54 possible outcomes – these include 8 bonuses, 10 numbers from Big Wheel and two Joker sectors for added excitement during each betting round. In addition to this Big Wheel there is also a separate Wheel Multiplier with 10 potential multipliers which further widens betting rounds’ range of possibilities.

A chatty host is on hand to guide players through their gaming experience. The wheel features 54 distinct segments representing 52 playing cards plus two jokers; players may place bets on any segment representing their choice and receive payouts according to number and suit selections. Aside from its 39:1 payout per sector, three bonus rounds may also be available with potential for up to 5,000x multipliers on Joker segments.

Joker’s Wheel provides its winning prize in the form of a win multiplier that increases any future wins on the main wheel by 2-x50! This multiplier can also be applied to one or all four bonus games that result in wins on that segment of the wheel.

Other bonus games in the game include Magical Mirror, in which players compete against time to select from three magical mirrors in a race against time – the player who selects the best mirror will win a cash prize! Likewise, Red Joker Freespin allows them to activate up to a 4x multiplier multiplier on any spin for up to 50x their bet!