Tips and Tricks For Online Casino Success

Online gambling can be both entertaining and profitable when played strategically, provided you use disciplined and self-discipline. Furthermore, managing your bankroll properly and knowing when to stop is also key. One of the best strategies for online casino success includes practicing, learning strategies and knowing when and how to stop. Avoid chasing losses. Game selection…

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the Coast Guard

Liberia’s eco-vigilantes score arresting success in struggle to end illegal fishing

For years, Liberia fought a losing battle against the foreign vessels plundering its coastline. Then a bold new pproach sent fines – and arrests – soaring Members of Liberia’s coastguard board a ship suspected of fishing illegally in the country’s waters. Photograph: Nicole Schafer/Sea ShepherdPetty officer George Kromah, of the Liberian coastguard, slings his AK47…

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